Matty Wolin: Shutter Runner

My husband shared a Buzzfeed post with me called 51 Reasons Living In Chicago Ruins Your Life. There are some breathtaking photographs that Buzzfeed compiled for each point. One photographer’s photo caught my eye: Shutter Runner.

Blue on Blue

Matty Wolin is a Chicagoan that really knows how to capture the beauty of the city, and not just the touristy downtown parts. He made the Chicago Blue Bar look like a picture circa 1930. The white material that makes up the architecture of the blues bar reminds me of something from the French Renaissance. There is so much history that people don’t realize about the cities they live in or nearby. Sometimes seeing through the lens of a photographer shows us what we’ve been missing.

My Morning with Marilyn

Although photographs can deceivingly portray a place more romantic and attractive than the reality of the place, it’s a testament to the human spirit that we can imagine a better place and believe what we’re shown. At the heart of art is hope, and  if there’s one reason why art is so important it is that art can inspire proactivity and betterment. Let’s toast to the people who inspire us and create beautiful things that sweep us up in reverie.