Introducing Azealia Banks

There is a unique opportunity for those who love to remix or produce music, and I don’t think any artist has ever offered this kind of chance before.

(Godard, K., 2014)

Rapper Azealia Banks is holding a remix contest in which the person who creates the best remix of her single “Chasing Time” wins $10,000 cash for their work. Banks, like Taylor Swift understands the power of being connected and open with her fans and the public. However, unlike Swift who only in the last year has been more active on social media, Banks has been as on point in her social media activity as she is in her verses for years. Before 1989, there was 1991.

Banks is fearless and converses with her fans with unfiltered responses. Her debut album Broke with Expensive Taste dropped last week on November 14th and it’s really stellar in my opinion, it’s being totted as a “contender for album of the year” (The Guardian). This was a much awaited album by those who knew about her before she became famous world wide. The story of Azealia Banks’ ascension is something you would be wise to learn, it is a true underdog story. I  would recommend reading this recent recent interview she gave to The Daily Beast to start with (Stern, M, 2014).

You will understand why it makes sense that Azealia Banks would have this contest after learning about her. The remix contest is not just a great public relations move, it is a spotlight for those who are struggling like she did to get heard. There are countless people like her, who have undiscovered talent, who can bring something fresh but need a space and a chance to get noticed. DJ producers you might not have heard of, like Lone, MJ Cole, and others contributed to the sounds of Broke with Expensive Taste, and that’s what makes the album standout. If more artists collaborated outside their comfort zones, with producers and DJs who aren’t celebrities, it would an amazing renaissance for the music industry.

This is one of the freshest concepts for engaging that a celebrity or artist has come up with in years, from a public relations standpoint. The remix contest might inspire other music artists to do the same. The last day to submit your remix is December 15th 2014. Azealia Banks has provided stems from the single “Chasing Time” on BitTorrent. To be considered, all remixes must be uploaded to Soundcloud.

Wouldn’t it be great if the remix that get’s chosen is a hit for Banks?

Have we ever seen a famous artist do this kind of contest? Do you think they will now?


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