New Samsung Christmas Ad, A Breath of Fresh Air

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There are two types of commercials around this time of year: the ones we’ve seen every year and the ones that are a breath of fresh air.

Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell breath fresh air into Samsung with their romantic quirky new Christmas ad for the mobile brand.
Original Kiss: Dax Shepard catching wife Kristen Bell under the mistletoe he drew on his Samsung smartphone.

It’s easy for brands to stick with commercials that have always worked. There’s nothing wrong with it, I love seeing the Campbell’s soup commercial with the snowman that melts into a little boy; or the Coca-Cola commercial with the cute CGI polar bears; and you simply can’t forget the M&M commercial with the Red and Yellow M&M coming face-to-face with Santa.

There are many extraordinary commercials in the arsenal of American broadcast and digital media. It’s hard to beat the magic and success of the best commercials, especially when they are your own. As much as brands are competing with their respective competition for consumer dollars, to a large extent they are competing with themselves.

It’s harder to come up with something new, especially something that tops the last commercial that was such a hit that people want to see it every year. Being able to create timeless commercials that people don’t get tired of is a skill that pays off for brands that can’t  afford to or want to spend on producing a new Christmas commercial every year. It’s not neccessary either, Christmas is a nostalgic time and many brands can get away with airing one of their old commercials. For a brand that is struggling in some measure, a new commercial can really help reignite interest and spending in consumers.

Last week, Samsung aired a commercial that featured a celebrity couple they’ve worked with before: Dax Shepard (Employee of the Month) and Kristen Bell (Frozen). Why not stick with the tried and true? The success of their commercial this summer garnered over 20 million views on Youtube for Samsung. The Christmas commercial with Shepard and Bell is even better, and I’m not hesitant to say it’s my favorite commercial of this year.* You’ll see what I mean when you watch it:

It’s true that this year is my first Christmas as a married woman, so obviously the commercial connects with me because I can relate to the scenarios of getting ready for Christmas with your spouse, all the while being silly and romantic with each other. However, it’s not just me that connects with this commercial. Since November 25th, the Youtube video of the commercial has captured 204,878 views (as of Dec. 1st, 2014, 10:43am (CST)). Samsung’s U.S. Chief Marketing Officer Todd Pendleton said, “With this ad, we wanted to capture the true essence of the holiday season in a fun way that everyone can relate to” (Miller, 2014).

One analyst’s opinion is that feeling intimate was the key to why the first commercial with Shepard and Bell was so popular. “It felt like a private look inside the life of a very public couple,”commented Rebecca Lieb, analyst at Altimeter Group. What are the elements that make a commercial popular? (Horovitz, 2014).

What do you think makes a commercial timelessly popular?

Do you think Samsung had a repeat success with the new Christmas commercial with Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell?

Why or why not?

Have you seen any commercials that were a breath of fresh air?

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*I don’t mean to endorse or solicite, I also don’t have a Samsung smartphone.