Episode. 4 of “Keeping Up With Geoffresh”

Keeping Up With Geoffresh Episode 4 2015 - Stephanie and Geoffrey Pyrzynski

New Year, New Episode of “Keeping Up With Geoffresh.” Watch your favorite couple discuss what you missed at the end of 2014 and what’s new.

Online Marketing News for January 2015

Geoff and Steph are back with a new episode of Keeping Up With Geoffresh! In this episode we give a 101 on spambots, a blackhat social media tactic that embarrassed quite a few celebrities at the end of 2014 in the #Instapurge. Geoff teases us discussing the subject of his next article. Look for his article this week, talking about Youtube and what’s broken and what’s on the horizon.

Learn more about the topics we talked about in the links below:

Youtube Is Broken!

Why It Doesn’t Pay to Cheat in Social Media