13 Signs You’re Ready to Move In Together

couple moving in together

Here’s how to tell you and your love are ready to move in together.

My husband and I celebrated our 1 year living together on Valentine’s Day. I read this article a year ago and a lot of the points still hold true to this day.

The one I think is the linchpin for when you make your final decision : #5, why? because knowing how to recover from a huge disagreement is essential for healthy couples that go the distance.

You’re ready to move in together if

  1. …you’re nervous.

  2. …you don’t feel a sense of pressure.

  3. …you’re kind of afraid to give up your current life.

  4. …you’re not committing to move in as a substitute to committing to marriage.

  5. …you’ve had a major disagreement and survived.

  6. …you have defined your relationship.

  7. …you’ve traveled together and had a great time.

  8. …you don’t ignore problems.

  9. …you’re already simulating the situation.

  10. …you’re beyond the honeymoon phase.

  11. …it’s not about the money.

  12. …you’ve defined your deal-breakers.

  13. …you’ve discussed your expectations openly and honestly.

Source: Meredith Turits (Glamour Magazine)