What’s Possible When You Believe In Yourself

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“I don’t remember if I first ran across Certain Beauty on Twitter or Instagrambut I do know that I immediately liked what I saw.”— Anita Irlen

That was an exceprt from the interview I gave over a week ago to Anita Irlen, Manhattan blogger for the chic and conscientious Look For the Woman. She just published the interview online today. [Link to Interview]I was super stoked when Anita emailed me this morning and had let me know that the interview was up. She had reached out to me about Certain Beauty mid April, but had been liking, sharing, and engaging with the cause since the beginning. Certain Beauty is my capstone project, but to the general public it’s a cause like St. Jude’s or ALSA.The project went further than expected, exceeding many people’s expectations. To give you a snapshot of what many people thought of the concept, here’s an excerpt from my professor’s evaluation on my project:

Initially, I wasn’t convinced that this campaign had legs. But boy oh boy…was I wrong. You really flew with this idea. You did excellent research on your target audience, and demonstrated excellent critical thinking skills about why a campaign like this matters.

Clearly, it struck a chord with people. I’m very impressed you caught the attention of some celebrities and bloggers.

Your report also demonstrates a deep understanding of analytics. Analytics is a key skill for communicators. A lot of people can write but not a lot of communicators understand web metrics. This portfolio piece shows you get it.

I’m glad that I was able to surprise with this project. It just goes to show that anything is achievable if you believe in yourself and utilize every tool you can. Social media is definitely a tool that brands and causes alike can benefit from using. I’ve proved that.You can create something from nothing with the help of social media.



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