Episode. 8 of “Keeping Up With Geoffresh”

puppy dog pyrnese

Super proud of this one. I hosted this month’s episode of Keeping Up With Geoffresh! 😊

This episode is very different from our other episodes in terms of editing, pace, and tone. Also there’s a puppy in the episode, and who doesn’t want to watch that? 🐶 Last month Geoffrey hosted the show, this month I had full creative control as host for the month of May. in 24 hours I filmed, edited, and packaged the video for mass consumption. I was excited and when you’re excited you go for it and it’s done before you know it. Enjoy and do tell me what you think in the comments below.

Online Marketing News for May 2015

In this episode of Keeping Up With Geoffresh it’s all about the future of the internet of things. Social media expert and Vice President of Geoffresh Inc. Stephanie Pyrzynski has all the details on the acquisitions and new moves by the next companies set to take over media.

Learn more about the topics we talked about in the links below at Geoffresh.com