Throwback Thursday: Love Is In The Letter

Love is in the Letter, Lipstick Red Kiss on Envelope

Our story began by chance. That I should find love so young, I pinch myself because it all seems too good to be true.

On April 16, 2013 I presented my first major project in my masters degree program. Love is in the Letter was a transmedia project that used digital media to tell the story of how my husband and I fell in love and sustained a fun and strong long-distance relationship.

The original idea was to do a documentary to investigate the tradition of the love letter in the digital age. My professor, Aaron Greer suggested that maybe there was something more interesting in drawing from my life.

I launched a website, managed the social media platforms for Love is in the Letter on Facebook and Twitter, and created a teaser trailer to pull audiences into our uniquely old-fashioned yet modern courting.

My goal was to inspire and engage couples by showing how we use the power of words and digital media to build a strong romantic long-distance relationship. Love is in the Letter was geared primarily towards a young couples looking for help sustaining a long-distance relationship.

I wanted couples to also connect with eachother, so before putting the website live, I made sure to create a community page on the website where they could discuss different topics together and support one other. The Love Drop page was where people could drop us a line, and they would receive feedback on any questions or material they submitted. Love is in the Letter was all about helping people put their best self forward to their loved ones by providing advice on writing love letters of their own or any situations they were having trouble with expressing themeselves. Love is in the Letter was meant for helping people discover what’s possible and to overcome their fears and anxieties when it comes to love.

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