Vote for Geoffresh Inc. in the Chase Mission Main Street Contest before June 19th

The Indispensable Small Business for Small Businesses

The Chase Mission Main Street Grant Contest is well under way. It’s a grant contest for small business owners. We all know how important a grant, loan, or any support is to new and established small businesses.
To qualify each small business needs 250 votes to qualify in order to be reviewed.

Voting ends June 19th.

With less than 10 days remaining, show your support for Geoffresh Inc. by casting your vote and sharing the voting link with friends, family, and colleagues: .

All Going to Hiring

If Geoffresh Inc. wins a grant, we will be putting all of the grant amount towards hiring more employees, so that we can serve even more small businesses and help them with promoting and marketing themselves digitally. Our ultimate goal? To help small businesses succeed and exceed all expectations.

Without strategic and fresh marketing, small businesses will fade and never reach their full potential.


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