Looking for Lightning in a Bottle in Social Media

Marilyn Monroe at Madison Square Garden, March 31st 1955. Photographed by Walter Carone. Edited by kraljaleksandar.

Only Posting During Events and Holidays?

Events can be powerful catalysts that can bring a business or brand increased levels of exposure and engagement.

But…for a short period of time.

Don’t be surprised if you only capture users during eventful times and lose them soon after the events are over. Relying on events is not a full-proof strategy for your business to pick up its exposure and engagement.

Jumping on the bandwagon of an event creates short-term relevenace.

You need to have social media running throughout the year, not just pick it up during holidays or events. 

Don’t believe it?

We analyzed our own social performance during a particularly eventful month (June, 2015) to see if our posts related to the events were more influential than our own original posts (relating to our field).

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