Episode. 10 of “Keeping Up With Geoffresh”

Online Marketing News for July 2015

Felt like Clarissa Explains It All in this particular episode.

clarissa explains it all

In this episode we are freshly burned (sunburnt that is) off the heels of Pierogi Fest, and we talk about social media posting during events and holidays. We all know when a brand or business is riding the coat tails of a popular event, and it has nothing to do with what they are about. Worse yet, they’ll use the hashtag for the event for shamelessly getting more eyes on their commercial or other little seen advertising efforts. We look at our own social media performance during the eventful month of June. Just to make sure the pot isn’t calling the kettle black. ☺️

Be sure to share the video if you liked it. Would love to hear people’s thoughts too. You could decide the next video if you give feedback.

Learn more about the topic we talked about in the link below:

Looking for Lightning in a Bottle in Social Media

How To Use SEO The Wrong Way – Top 5 Website Mistakes


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