The Spark

Little Stephanie and Geoffrey Pyrzynski, and Married Stephanie and Geoffrey Pyrzynski

Where there’s a spark, there’s a fire.

I decided to go for it the morning of August 4th, 2012 after waking from a dream.

I couldn’t tell you one thing that was in the dream. Long forgotten, that dream gave me the confidence to go after something special. It’s so delicious and mysterious, something in me was inspired, those types of feelings and spontaneous impulses make life worth living don’t you agree?

So much was on the horizon for me at that time. First working full-time and about to start my masters program at Loyola, a great school…the one last thing a girl needs is the love of her life.

So I got in my car, brought a small bouquet of exotic flowers in a round pink vase and drove south to him.

First I was impressed by the palatial home as I pulled into the driveway. I was even more impressed by Geoff who opened the door for me. After such a long time you can imagine how excited we were to see each other.

So you wanna know what happened when I got in the door?

Nothing too crazy, just introduced me to his parents, I met Élysées (a.k.a Ely) the family dog and protector. I gave his mom the bouquet (it was a hit according to Geoff). Another hit I must mention was the thunderstorm that started as I was getting close to the house. I’ll never know if it was a bad sign or a good luck sign, but it was evident that the sparks never left us.

Anyway, we watched his favorite movie “Scott Pilgrim”, then we played the “Game of Life: Haunted Mansion edition,” and just joked around talking.

We had always kept in contact here and there, but it really became more consistent after March 2012. I remember we met for sushi near his work in the Loop (a.k.a Chicago) in late April, so that was 4 months prior to this long overdue second date. In any case, we had fun and it was a slow burn. To be honest our first date back in June 2010 had quite a few sparks, but I was playing it cool out of fear. That’s what girls do when they are afraid of falling in love, but it’s so hard to deny the feelings.

So by around 5p or so his mother called us down to dinner, which was very delicious I remember. Talking with his parents was easy, natural, a very good sign no doubt. So it was getting late, and I had to drive home, which is about 40 miles north. As I opened my car door I put my purse on the passenger’s seat and surprised Geoff with a kiss on the lips. In that second I made a statement, that I am ready for love and not going to hold back. The only way you lose in love is by holding back.