Charlie Rose Is Having A Great Summer

Skrillex Diplo Charlie Rose

Charlie Rose is popping up all over the place.

The Charlie Rose Show is an institution, the ultimate of its format. For those unfamiliar with the program, Rose interviews guest(s) seated around a round oak table in a pitch black space. The focus is the subject.

Charlie Rose may seem like something your grandmother would only watch, but you’re wrong.

Rose has been interviewing every culturally significant person since the 1970’s, but in 1992, The Charlie Rose Show solidified Rose’s unique place in journalism. Television had been getting away from the long-form interview programs of the the 1950-1970’s, The Charlie Rose Show was making long-form cool again. The hour long program has been running since 1992 on PBS and the Bloomberg network, produced and hosted by Rose himself.

I’ve been a viewer for a long time. As a child of the 1990’s, Charlie Rose would come on in the evenings on PBS after Shari Lewis’ “Lamb-Chop’s Play Along.” At a certain point you want to see what the grown-ups watch after your kid shows, and that’s how I became a Charlie Rose fan.

There’s always been a special caché to be a guest on The Charlie Rose Show.

It’s been a great public relations move for guests, a way to instantly be seen as more sophisticated and to be taken more seriously by peers and the public. The average viewer is over 40 years of age and is in the financial or business sector, which means that his viewers are among the decision makers and leaders in the world. What’s more, Charlie Rose has declined offers to be on 60 Minutes and other lucrative deals because he enjoys what he does and nobody is doing what his show facilitates. What brings in the viewers, across terrestrial television and digital mediums are the conversations. Rose’s style of engagement with his guests is unique and if you have the attention span for the program you learn a tremendous amount about everything. Rose interviews high profile individuals in every field, he’s landed several coveted interviews with hard-to-get subjects such as Russian President Vladimir Putin, Syrian President Bashar Assad in Damascus, and Jay-Z.

Charlie Rose and guest Jay-Z back in 2011. Source: The Jasmine Brand

If you’re on The Charlie Rose Show it’s like a debutante ball. If you were underground before, you’ll be widely known after an appearance.

Over the past decade Rose has been recognized for his contributions to broadcasting, journalism, and philanthropy. He’s been burning the candle on both ends as host on his long-running program and also CBS This Morning (since 2012). He’s always been a jet-setter and an adventure seeker, but it’s been nice to see him get more mainstream love.

Rose has made cameos in film and television before, but it’s on another level now.

A new generation is discovering Charlie Rose.

He was recently featured in a promo spot for Stephen Colbert’s Late Show premiering this September.

“Already got my new book bag and my Charlie Rose trapper keeper—[gushes] Dreamboat!”

This past week he interviewed today’s most popular electronic music producers, Diplo and Skrillex.

Who knows what’s next for Charlie Rose, but it’s safe to say he’s having a great summer.