The Birthday Party

Midnight in Paris, Owen Wilson, Marion Cotillard

Asking “Where will things go?” is a good sign that you’ve fallen in love.

midnight in paris, marion cotillard, owen wilson

September 1st, 2012 was such a magical day, the two memories that stick in my mind were a moonlit walk and a special kiss.

It was yet another torrential rainy Saturday, just as it had been on my first drive down to my husband’s parent’s home, back on August 4th, 2012 when we first started dating. Arriving at about 1pm it became apparent that it would be a small party because everyone was scared off by the rain. Geoff wasn’t hurt by this reality, not easily brought down by bad circumstances he was so happy that I had made it, I looked on this as an opportunity to get closer. By this time, we had been dating for almost a full month.

I had brought a dress to change into for the dinner later that night, a little black dress from Forever21. Back in late April, when Geoff and I had our first meet up in almost 2 years since our first date (June 2010), he had said he and his family were going to Hawaii later in September. With this knowledge, I did something only a young woman would do if she is sure of herself and of the person she is in love with. I said I was going to the car to grab my dress and black sandals…I changed in the car quickly and snuck back into the house, going 2-3 steps at a time and surprised Geoff. He was mesmorized and we kissed.  ♡

Dinner was at Tokyo Steak House in Tinley Park, where hibachi is the specialty. His parents, his sister and her boyfriend came. It was fun, sitting next to Geoff, being relaxed, open, and being in the present. I remember time slowing down sometimes, looking at Geoff so happy on his birthday, my mind went blank with bliss.

Geoff and I decided to walk back to the house since it was such a beautiful clear night with a full moon out. We joked all the way home, his arm around me, my arm around his shoulders…tripping the light fantastic you could say. We got back and it was time to cut the ice cream cake. Being so late, I was welcome to stay the night, and so I did.

During the night I could’ve sworn I remember Geoff coming down to check up on me. I slept on the living room couch, wearing his pajamas, with the family dog Ely near by to protect me from ghosts. With only one floor separating us from where the each other was sleeping, you can imagine how provocative that felt. Geoff said he did come down to kiss me on the forehead, so it wasn’t a dream that I had had. I left by 11am for home Sunday, excited about what would lay in store for us.