The 10 Stages Of Grieving, As Told By Britney Spears

Britney Spears Rolling Stone 2001, Photgrapher Mark Seliger

The 10 Stages Of Breakup Grieving, As Told By Britney Spears

This article written by Jordan Miller (who is host of one of the biggest Britney Spears fan sites, is perfect. Essentially he identifies the matching Britney Spears song to each of the 4 stages of break-up grieving. He doesn’t just use the hit songs, he uses the lesser known songs, and even the unreleased. It comes to a total of 10.

I do think it was a mistake not mentioning the song Everytime, but now that I think of it, it would be stage 11, “Almost Over the Breakup.”

Let me give you a cheat sheet in case you only have a minute:

Stage 1: The Messy Breakup

  1. Shattered Glass

  2. Inside Out

  3. Showdown

Stage 2: The Blackout Era

  1. Telephone (Unreleased)

  2. Dramatic

  3. Lonely

Stage 3: Acceptance

  1. Mannequin

  2. Let Go (Unreleased)

Stage 4: Moving On

  1. Amnesia

  2. Stronger