Promote Your Small Business Better Online

Stephanie Pyrzynski November Thanksgiving 2015

Promoting your business doesn’t have to be overwhelming or overly expensive.

In the long run, it’s more affordable to hire an agency or individual to market and promote your business than wasting time trying to do it yourself or enlist your employees to pitch in.

With the greater opportunities presented by multi-channel marketing come some challenges. Most small business owners are not marketing professionals and many tell us that the flood of new marketing tools, along with the need to be everywhere their customers are, from search engines, to mobile devices, to friends’ newsfeeds, can really be overwhelming.—Gail Goodman (CEO Constant Contact)

Did you know that 22% of small businesses don’t hire an agency or individual to manage their online profiles (social media) or campaigns? Did you also know that small businesses waste on average 25% of their PPC budget (Pay-Per-Click) as a result of not making time to manage their paid search campaigns?

You wouldn’t serve half-baked Turkey on Thanksgiving would you?

There is still reluctancy about investing in marketing among small businesses. The economy still isn’t back to what it once was, so to save money small business owners try to learn on their own or ask  employees to figure out how to use GoogleAds and other marketing tools  to promote their business. The thing is, 51% of small businesses say measuring the effectiveness of their marketing efforts is a challenge.

Using your marketing budget productively is what you need to feel comfortable investing in marketing and promoting your business online.

Read my article on How To Promote Your Business Online Better With Productive Marketing to learn more and see if you are interested in contracting my digital marketing agency, Geoffresh Inc., to promote your business.

Today is Small Business Saturday, a day to encourage people to shop small, small business that is. Founded by American Express on November 27th 2010, this day continues to grow as a movement. Small Business Saturday is about bringing awareness to customers that by supporting local businesses, you help your community and neighborhood to be vibrant and strong economically.

Show your appreciation not just on this day, but throughout the year by telling friends, colleagues, and people you know about a local business you really like. Shopping or contracting services from a small business is a huge show of support, but word-of-mouth goes a long way too. We at Geoffresh Inc. support small businesses by helping them realize their potential with our digital marketing services.

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