Where Should You First Focus Your Online Business Efforts, SEO or Web Design?

You want your website to look, work, and feel great, but what’s going to ensure you achieve your bottom line?

For businesses on a budget, focusing on one platform at a time is a safer investment in the beginning. Businesses operating on empty are depending on that one platform to resurrect them and that puts pressure on their internal or external digital teams.


In my recent article for Geoffresh Inc. I examined search engine optimization (SEO) and web design in the context of building an online presence through a website.

The question “which one can I do without?” has been asked of me by both startup businesses and established businesses. The question is usually being asked because they don’t understand the difference between SEO and Web Design.

When you don’t understand what something can do for you, you can’t see why its necessary or important to helping you reach your business goals.

The Importance of an Online Presence

Part of how businesses achieve their bottom line is cultivating a reputation for providing great products, services, and relations with their customers. The funny thing is, success today can be negatively impacted by a poor online presence.

What elevates a business’ online presence the most in the beginning depends on how well both the technical and aesthetic are executed across platforms.

It’s inevitable for a digital team or individual to be asked to cut one thing in favor of what will create instant success.  This could mean focusing on just web design and ignoring SEO, or focusing on just having a paid search campaign (PPC, SEM)  and doing the minimum with the website. Every business decision has consequences, and when it comes to building a successful online presence, what matters more?

Here’s a couple snippets from my article:


Achieving the most relevant rankings is a crucial part of helping a website be found and get a chance at converting visitors to customers.

Web Design

Without a well designed website, those people who found your website through your SEO efforts will bounce.

It feels like a Catch-22 doesn’t it?

Read my article on Geoffresh Inc. to learn how SEO and Web Design impact your business’ bottom line, and which matters more.