Brands Grief Profiting Off Dead Celebrities on Social Media

Building relationships between your brand and people is a delicate dance.

Social media has helped level the playing field in building relationships with customers, gaining exposure to new audiences, and driving brand awareness. What’s frightening is how easy it is for a brand’s image to be hurt or helped by one false move.

One kiss of death to a brand or business entity’s image is blatantly using someone or something to advance their agenda and pocketbook. One of the most macabre ways of making money off something or someone is paying tribute to them, but tacking on your product or whatever you’re selling onto that tribute. Slipping it in even subtly can come across as crass and indelicate to the public.

Death may be a universal thing we share, but capitalizing on the grief and wide spread  fixation over the death of a celebrity is not your time to shine. It’s about that person who passed away. Get noticed for your own contributions, and stick to engaging on relevant topics of conversation on social media. You wouldn’t want to seem like a profiteer or grave -robber of dead celerities would you? It’s just bad business to repurpose something so you can monetize it.

Be original and sit out of some social media conversations.

When in doubt, hire a professional. 

Read my in depth piece on the brand snafus we saw last week, when we lose many well-known people like David Bowie, Alan Rickman, etc.

Are Dead Celebrities Fair Game For Brands to Use?

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