Interior Designer Capella Kincheloe On How To Increase Value Perception


I’m not an interior designer but this is universal to all trades.

As my favorite designer Halston once said, “You need to create the illusion of success for people to pay attention.”

This is especially true when it comes to starting a new business; in the beginning you are selling a vision. To get that initial audience to help get things going you need to create interest, and you create that by cultivating the perception of something valuable.

I really enjoyed reading this post and what brought me to it was a notification that my post from September 2014, about this topic of “perceived value” was linked in Capella’s post:

Perceived value is why you pay thousands more for a new car off the lot rather than buying the same car used. It is why people buy any Apple product for much more than their other brand counterparts.

I was super flattered and I think you should check out the rest of Capella’s post at her blog.