Business Partnership Spotlight: Geoffresh Inc.

A Match – Business Partnership

When you have a great business partnership in which you compliment and elevate each other, inevitably you develop a bond. In our case we put a ring on it.

In May it’ll be 10 years since this enterprise started, I joined it in 2012, and the momentum keeps going for this very human internet marketing agency with a heart of gold.

The Tinley Park Chamber of Commerce spotlighted our business earlier this month because our story is not of the flip or flop variety, we care about building lasting relationships with our clients, their teams and elevating them to reach their full potential.

If you ever thought that digital internet marketing agencies have no heart and are only interested in only themselves then you haven’t met us. Watch our 9 minute interview with Tinley Park Chamber of Commerce and learn what makes us tick, and what makes us truly a breath of fresh air.