Wonder Woman (2017)

Wonder Woman’s message of make love, not war, it’s timeless but at a time when the feeling of war feels stronger than ever, it is logical to repeat positivité messages so that perhaps people can start the change that’s needed towards achieving that dream beauty queens proclaim, you know… world peace.


Pop Culture Thoughts

Truly a triumph of casting, writing and directing, this massive superhero enterprise manages to get most things right. Gal Gadot makes a powerful, bad-ass titular superhero, with great assist from Chris Pine, perfectly cast here as both foil and romantic interest that never feels reductive for either character. Director Patty Jenkins tackles the project with clear-eyed confidence, including some truly awe-inspiring battle shots that recall the graphic novel roots without pandering to them, while also simultaneously managing to honor Wonder Woman’s visual branding without being silly nor straying too far. The movie starts to lag towards the middle but the thunderous and emotionally compelling climax more than makes up for it. While most of the movie’s elements come together well (not to mention great support from Ewen Bremner, Said Taghmaoui and the always-compelling Robin Wright, among others), no “Wonder Woman” review can be complete without noting Lucy Davis as Pine’s…

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