Brenda Starr – Community and Brand Legacy Management

Bring Back Brenda Starr Ramona Fradon
Illustration by Ramona Fradon

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I was fortunate to contribute to and protect the legacy of Brenda Starr and the collection of characters from her world for almost a decade.

Using a targeted and minimalist approach, I rekindled interest in the brand and ignited a forum that became a beacon for a ‘Bring Back Brenda’ Campaign.

Brenda Starr was a very popular American newspaper comic strip that ran from 1940-2011. Created by Dale Messick, the character of Brenda Starr was a very empowering personality for women around the world, so much so that it spawned a powerful social community on Facebook. The comic strip was retired in 2011, but the entire library of Brenda’s stories is available in print volumes through Hermés Press.

The Official Brenda Starr Facebook page was created and was managed by myself from 2008 till early 2016. The Facebook page alone was able to organically reach an average of 162,458 users a month from around the world. The Twitter account for Brenda Starr was created later in 2015, but unequivocally the Facebook page was the most popular platform for the Brenda Starr audience.

As is common with niche markets, the full potential of Brenda Starr in the digital age, however, is yet to be fully realized due to other forces. The Brenda Starr Facebook page, as well as the Brenda Starr Twitter profile, remain open so others may discover her and her messages about women in the workforce, being a good person and the pursuit of dreams.