Digital Cause Marketing

For my Masters Degree Capstone project I created a mock client with a cause that needed to create a digital campaign to increase awareness and grow its movement from zero.


First I conducted research to become a subject matter expert on the advertising of female beauty products. I then identified the issue that needed help and developed the ideas and campaign from there.
Certain Beauty LogoCertain Beauty: An Inductive Content Analysis of the Representations of Beauty and Age in Commercial Ad Campaigns

This study sheds light on the underrepresentation of women of a certain age in advertising and commercial campaigns. With some interesting findings, I wanted to take the study further. So I added a creative brief with a digital media campaign plan to launch and grow a successful grassroots movement.

I invite you to visit the platform for the campaign, which is called Certain Beauty. If you want to see less photo-manipulation and more diversity in the ages of models and spokeswomen in commercials and advertising campaigns, sign the Certain Beauty petition to have your voice heard.


The campaign was launched January 2015, and went until April 15, 2015. In 3.5 months, month-over-month, the campaign was consistently increasing in all metrics. In total, the campaign earned 32,656 impressions, 2,354 engagements, and earned 233 followers across all 4 major social platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook). I accomplished all this through sophisticated targeting and retargeting efforts, coupled with a very authentic brand voice and content that engaged the target audience. It also very important that I built relationships with influencers of the target audience (women 40-64). The credibility of the brand was supported by the support of the influencers who helped introduce and share about Certain Beauty’s mission.

The campaign received celebrity exposure thanks to Susan Sarandon and Kim Cattrall on Twitter. I was approached by a blogger from Manhattan (NYC) named Anita Irlen, who interviewed me and wants to collaborate to grow the movement in a big way. Certain Beauty was featured on her blog April 29th, 2015.

I don’t remember if I first ran across Certain Beauty on Twitter or Instagrambut I do know that I immediately liked what I saw….fresh…My thanks to Stephanie for an inspired idea and wonderful work.

Read the exclusive interview in its entirety here.

If you’d like to read my complete report and deck presentation on the digital marketing campaign, you’ll find the links to both below.

Certain Beauty Campaign Report

Certain Beauty Deck Presentation

The Official Certain Beauty Inforgraphic

Gorgeous Infographic I made to highlight the research that was done before Certain Beauty, that quantified an ignored issue.